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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is technically a variety of grass that when mature can be processed into a product.  This product is much denser and stronger than a hardwood. It is superior for flooring and paneling due to its large diameter, color, structure, density and superior strength.  Bamboo is a 100% renewable resource and grows much faster than hardwood.



Carpet tiles

Carpet Tiles are designed to meet the performance and aesthetic needs of public places  such as hotels, offices, airports, libraries, hospitals, clubs and banks.

The styles of carpet face can be level-looped pile, high-low loop pile, cut pile, sheared pile and with graphic patterns. Made with PVC, rubberized and PU cushion environmentally  friendly backing.

Machine Tufted Carpet

Machine Tufted carpets are constructed from quality fibres such as Solution Dyed Nylon and New Zealand Wool with various patterns of high quality and competitive prices. It’s especially well-suited for applications which require more economically priced products to cover larger expanses of floor area.

Machine tufted carpets use raw materials such as natural Merino wool from the unique Australian Merino sheep.  Merino wool is known to be the softest wool in the world.

Vinyl Flooring

CSI streamline PVC vinyl floor tiles and rugs have successfully found a place in the international market, highlighting innovation and their excellent quality. Vinyl is strong, durable, sound absorbing, soft, comfortable and very cost effective. It is great for commercial areas – offices, restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, retail outlets, gyms etc. Our vinyl products are available with various specifications and characteristics for client inspection.

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