For high traffic areas such as Hotels, Ballrooms, Banqueting rooms and Restaurants, there is no better carpet type than an Axminister woven carpet from CSI Luxury Floorings.

You have a wide selection of fibres to choose from, although most still use an 80/20 wool/nylon mix. But if you want 100% wool, or our new Stintino, then simply ask, and we will produce a sample for you to consider or select from.

For those wanting something even more special, due to our advanced computerized systems, you can have a single pattern design.  We recently completed a 3000m2 single pattern design in Dubai for the Grand Hyatt.

Axminster woven carpets remain the right choice for all high traffic areas. There is simply nothing better.

Adavantages of CSI Luxury Flooring Axminster


Longlevity and Design Flexibility

  • Makes CSI Axminster widely popular in luxurious hotels around the world

Advanced High Speed Looms

  • We have 32 Axminster looms among which are the most advanced high-speed looms in the world

Made-to-order Axminster Facility

  • Allows for productions of small run woven broadlooms

Unique Finishes to Our Axminsters

  • CSI can add unique finishes with sculpturing and yarn high lighting


Click each sample for details

Manufacturing of Our Luxury Axminster Carpets

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