Product Types

CSI Floorings is a unique resource for luxurious hand-made carpets and rugs with operators throughout the United States, South America, Europe, United Kingdom, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  From the skilled hands of over 980 production staff, a wide range of colors and textures are made on site and have enhanced commercial and private properties around the world.

CSI Floorings is the expert in design innovation and hand-crafted and rugs, Axminsters and Wiltons matched by the tradition of the fine craftsmanship using wools, silks, bamboo, viscose, polished cotton, linen and synthetics like nylon, acrylic and polyester.  This results in exceptional floor coverings with superior fibre and color varieties.

Hand Knotted

A hand knotted rug is a unique artistic expression.  It can be the focal point of a design or the quiet anchor that draws a room and people together.

Traditional Chines hand-knotting experts produce striking durable rugs of the finest Tibetan highland wool, silk and cashmere using one of our hand knotted looms.

Superior craftsmanship requires experience and precision of the most skilled hand knotters.  A breathtaking aesthetic results from the artful blending of colors and unique fibres.

Hand Tufted

Skilled ShiFu masters combine cut pile and loop construction with the finest fibres available. Using a blend of wool, silk, bamboo, viscose. Cotton, linen, lurex, acrylic and polyester, we are able to create custom colors and finishing techniques to create a wonderful effect.

Sculpting and carving introduce a sense of dimension that is irresistible to the hand as they are to the eye.  Devoted and highly specialized craftspeople use techniques that take decades to master, creating the finest carpets and rugs.

Pass Machine

Our 7 hand crafted pass machines allow for the production of small runs and can produce room size. By working with a combination of the pass machine and hand gun, CSI Floorings creates a unique piece that is visually different from other carpets and rugs.

Axminster and Wilton Woven

Our Axminster carpets are widely popular in luxurious hotels around the world due to their longevity and design flexibility.

We have 32 Axminster looms among which are the most advanced high-speed looms in the world. CSI is a made-to-order facility that allows for productions of small run woven broadlooms.

CSI can add unique finishes to your Axminsters and Wiltons with carvings, sculpturing and yarn high lighting.

Carpet Tile

Carpet Tiles are designed to meet the performance and aesthetic needs of public place decoration such as hotels, offices, airports, libraries, hospitals, clubs and banks.

The styles of carpet face can be level-looped pile, high-low loop pile, cut pile, sheared pile and graphic pattern in middle and high class with PVC, rubberized and PU cushion environment friendly backing.

Machine Tufted

Machine Tufted carpets constructed from quality fibres such as Solution Dyed Nylon and New Zealand Wool with various patterns of high quality and competitive prices. It’s especially well-suited for applications which require more economically priced products to cover larger expanses of floor area.

Fully imported from Australia using raw materials such as natural Merino wool from the unique Australian Merino sheep.  Merino wool is known to be the softest wool in the world

Timber Flooring

Our artisans use centuries old techniques to create an old look and truly capture the natural beauty of hardwood floors.  Selected from the finest raw material, each plank is carefully hand crafted on board at a time to yield a magnificent and distinctive character only paralleled by the timeless European floors of the Renaissance era.

We provide solid wood, engineered and laminate floorings with different surface finish and coating.

Vinyl Flooring

CSI Flooingrings brought in the international streamline PVC vinyl floor tiles and rugs that has successfully stepped into the international market with its excellent quality and innovation. We have various specifications and characteristics of vinyl products for client selection.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is technically a variety of trees that when mature can be processed into a product.  This product is much denser and stronger than a hardwood. It is superior for flooring and paneling due to its large diameter, color, structure, density and superior strength.  Bamboo is a 100% renewable resource and grows much faster than hardwood.

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