Bamboo is technically a variety of grass that when mature can be processed into a product.  This product is much denser and stronger than a hardwood. It is superior for flooring and paneling due to its large diameter, color, structure, density and superior strength.  Bamboo is a 100% renewable resource and grows much faster than hardwood.

Bamboo is a naturally beautiful, durable and renewable alternative to the limited supply of “slow growth” hardwoods.


The Advantages of Bamboo Flooring

Good Natural Characteristics

  • It’s warm in winter and cool in summer. The minimal shrink rate means no cracking or warping.

Cost Effective - with savings on raw material and refurbishment


  • The cost of high end bamboo flooring equals the cost of mid or low end timber floorings, but its hardness, bending strength and compression strength is two times more than timber flooring.

Saves on Operational Expenditure


  • Saves on electricity cost
  • Saves on labor time
  • Saves on cleaning cost
  • Saves on steam cleaning

Environmental Friendly


  • Bamboo is a regenerating grass species, completely regenerating every 5 years



  • Can be as hard, if not harder than red oak

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